Cardio since the Chet Track: Hang on because of the Jimmy Webb (sung of the Peter Horton, Roger Wilson, Bryan Utman and you may River Phoenix)

S Episode #a dozen (#8211) Just after fulfilling the fresh loving, closeknit McFadden friends, Ben Shepard, a guarded people exactly who has their early in the day and personal lifetime good secret, finds it hard to think you to definitely Brian would like to give it all right up getting a lifetime of wandering south west, usually alone

November 24, 1982 The newest ELECTION Event #10 (#8205) The new McFaddens are upwards inside hands immediately after Guthrie try poisoned by polluted water in the a circulation on the property, nevertheless when Dollar Tanner, long-go out sheriff regarding Carbon State, stand and you can delays the fresh assured assessment, Adam stops he should be securing individuals, and chooses to manage to your place of work himself. When he begins his venture, yet not, Adam discovers that one activities from the state will stop on nothing to wreck his candidacy. Published by: Ira Steven Behr Directed by the: Michael O’Herlihy Invitees Featuring: Macon McCalman because the Sheriff Money Tanner , Honest Schuller since the Deputy Charlie Lewis , Knob Durock once the Jocko , Denny Delk due to the fact Ben Tobey , Pat Kelly because the Mr. Croft , Walter Leineke since Doctor Bell , George Johnson as the Heckler #step one , Peter James Griggs as the Heckler #dos , James Doermann because Pollard , June Batholomew as the Girl , Hugh Warden since the Silas Song: Brand new Election Tune from the Jimmy Webb (solo by Richard Dean Anderson)

December 8, 1982 Residents Event #11 (#8201) After Sophie Barton, a lovely younger divorcee and unmarried mother out-of San francisco bay area, actions on work on-down ranch she’s got inherited afterwards regarding McFadden give, she and you may Hannah hit it off. But cause travel whenever Sophie says to Adam they can don’t graze McFadden cattle on her behalf house, cracking a contract during the last over 30 years between their unique pops and you may Adam’s dad, and later she actually is listed in danger by a livestock stampede and you will barn-consuming. Authored by: Elizabeth Clark Directed by the: Bernard Kowalski Visitor Starring: Laraine Stephens because Sophie , Billy Jacoby due to the fact Eddie Songs: Guys, Dudes, Amen of the Jimmy Webb (sung because of the Terri Treas and you can Laraine Stephens), and now that I found Your because of the Jimmy Webb (sung from the Roger Wilson, Tim Topper and you will Peter Horton)

But Brian, restless and you may anxious to-break about ranch, drops within the towards the brawling, footloose loner, exactly who generally seems to head the kind of lives Brian is wanting having. “ Authored by: Marshall Herskovitz Brought from the: John Florea Invitees Starring: Cameron Mitchell because the Ben Shepard , Richard McMurray just like the Graves , Received Snyder given that Advisor , Shirley Kirkes while the Skip Wilson , Jim Steck as the Zack Oceans , Gary Ross since Peterson , Lisa Lindgren because Cheryl Track: Ramblin‘ Ranchin‘ People because of the Jimmy Webb (sung of the Peter Horton and you will Roger Wilson)

December twenty two, 1982 Christmas time Song Event #13 (#8222) From the Christmas, Meg Palmer, recently widowed and working out of work in order to jobs to support her high school students, problems Crane and you will Daniel’s aim when they attempt to help their whenever their own car breaks down, and you may lashes aside during the all of them. She in the future accepts new McFadden family members‘ generosity as genuine, but face the new fight regarding their lifetime since their unique dry husband’s parents sue inside court for child custody out of her around three people. Compiled by: Richard Fielder Led from the: Bob Thompson Visitor Featuring: Joanna Pettet as Meg Palmer , Allyn Ann McLerie due to the fact Doris Palmer , Kaz Garas just like the Beam Mason , Tonya Crowe while the B.J. Palmer , Tige Andrews as Merlin Palmer , Philip Baker Hall as the Wilcox , Joan Kjar because Marie , Leaf Phoenix because Travis , Freedom Phoenix since the Christy Track: Ave ily)

Meanwhile, Evan will lose concentration in sports routine by the ogling the latest cheerleaders and you can try purchased because of the mentor to invest weekly on the girls‘ dance classification — certain „abuse

December 31, 1982 Society Occurrence #14 (#8212) Hannah’s impassioned protest and you can equipped stand contrary to the bulldozer demolition out of the eldest building into the Murphys, the original schoolhouse where her higher-grandmother immediately after tong brand new McFadden men, because the a manufacturer is to be produced in its place, and you will operate indicate alot more to several parents than sustaining a while away from local background, whilst framework team attained term into house from the unscruplulous function. At the same time, Guthrie runs into a small-scandal too, when his frog, „Loser“, is swiped just before the initial Annual Carbon State Frog-Bouncing Derby. [Calaveras County, where that it series was filmed, was the site away from ous bouncing-frog tale.] Written by: Richard Fielder Directed from the: John Patterson Invitees Featuring: John Bennett Perry while the Eckworth , Robin Ignico because Kate , John Callahan just like the Television Journalist , Joan Kjar due to the fact anda , Chuck Noland because the Gargan , Gail Trottier since the Millie , Gary Pettinger given that Bancroft , John X.