Post covers the years 1811 – 1979 on parishes of Petworth and Chichester, Sussex, England

Flower Boxall: a hard existence of the Sue Martin. Rose Boxall, child off Henry Boxall and you may Eliza Kingget is actually baptized Chantler 1 Dec 1889 in Billingshurt, step one youngster; Caleb Miles during the Brighton, 1893, dos people; Work Miles during the 1898 within Chichester 2 children; Frederick Joseph Briggs, step one youngster; Dendy Napper, 1926. Rose passed away inside the 1955.

Just boys, every three by the Ron Goodhue. William Robert Luxford was born in Ewhurst to James Luxford and you will Eliza. He emigrated in order to Australia in which the guy partnered Anne (nancy) Doyle on the 19 December 1861 for the Penrith section. They had three sons, William James, George and you can Alfred. William killed most of the around three boys into the 1876. He died during the Parmetta in prison for the 1914. Post covers the years 1831 – 1914 on parishes away from Ewhurst, Sussex, The united kingdomt, and you will Parramatta, Brand new Southern Wales, Australia. Blog post throughout the Sussex Family Historian Regularity 19 #, pg 43

Article from the Sussex Loved ones Historian Regularity 19 # Kamakura in Japan marriage agency, pgs 72-75

William the latest stumbling block of the Sue Blunden and you will Martha Bennett have been hitched into the Heyshott towards (illegitimate) John 1849. Martha Bennett try baptized step 1 July 1841 daughter out of Moses Bennett and Age Challen at Midhurst. Integrated are a photo drawn 1911. Recognized try Nellie Blunden Slope and you will William Blunden. Surnames is Bazley, Kilometers, Hint, Greenwood, Pollard, Hornsby, Broadbridge, Robinson, Boxall, Cobden. Article discusses many years 1745 – 1865 throughout the parishes from Heyshott and you can Midhurst, Sussex, The united kingdomt. Blog post on the Sussex Relatives Historian Regularity 19 #, pgs 56-59

This new citizen nephew, in addition to downfalls out-of family relations bible information from the Karen Hayward. Samuel Hayward came to be 14 August 1876 so you can Mary Sanders Hayward. He grew up coping with his Cousin Ann Pond along with her youngsters Harriett, Martha, Alice and Edward. Mary Sanders passed away twenty-five December 1886. Included was a photograph out-of Peter Hayward. Blog post talks about the years 1838 – 1910 from the paris hes out of Buckland, Filleigh, Devon, Chichester, Sussex, The united kingdomt, and you can Neath, Glamorgan, Wales. Post about Sussex Family Historian Volume 19 #, pgs 67-69

The fresh Zinzan Union by Roger Chadwick. Robert Comport Zinzan (1814 – 1862) married Ann Elizabeth Edwards within the 1837 in the Kingsbridge, Devon. They’d five college students. Ann passed away 1853. Robert next hitched Mary Ann Environmentally friendly when you look at the 1855. Robert died 1862. Mary Ann hitched their unique stepson, Robert Vaux Zinzan from inside the 1864. They had one youngster. Robert Vaux hitched Isabella Margaret Hay Towill and also the emigrated so you can The fresh Zealand. They had two sons. Article talks about the years 1547 – 1965 on the parish out of Kingsbridge, Devon, The united kingdomt and also in the nation of new Zealand.

Blog post regarding the Sussex Family unit members Historian Volume 19 #, pgs thirty-six-42

An acceptable little bit of search by the Valerie Symes. John Mant partnered Sarah Clenochen into the 1858 in the Essex. She passed away 1859. The guy hitched his cousin Mary Green into the 1860. That they had five students. About three had been traced. Blog post talks about the years 1821 – 1917 throughout the parishes out-of Tendring, Essex, and you may Birdham, Sussex, The united kingdomt. Blog post throughout the Sussex Family relations Historian Regularity 19 #, pgs 76-77

Image gallery submitted because of the Michael Owens. A photograph from a royal visit to good Brighton health. Post throughout the Parish of Brighton, Sussex, The united kingdomt. Blog post on the Sussex Nearest and dearest Historian Volume 19 #, pg 79

Missing! of the Linda Hall. Ann Bongard was born in Amerling for the 1829 in order to George Bongard and you may Frances Corney. George and you can Frances got 14 students. Ann married Richard Oswin eight August 1866 eleven ages pursuing the delivery of the child Louisa Ann. Richard hitched Henrietta Theresa Hurley into the 23 December 1844. Richard passed away inside the 1873. Henrietta died for the 1891. Ann passed away when you look at the 1905. Post discusses the years 1801 – 1905 about parishes out-of London area, Middlesex, and you can Padstow, Cornall, England. Blog post from the Sussex Family Historian Volume 19 #, pgs 82-85